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SWL worm gear lifts of Tianhong reducer are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy equipment and other industries, with many functions such as lifting, descending and advancing with the help of auxiliary parts, turning and various height and position adjustment.

      SWL worm gear screw lift is a basic lifting part with many advantages such as compact structure, small volume, light weight, wide power source, no noise, easy installation, flexible use, many functions, many supporting forms, high reliability and long service life. It can be used singly or in combination, and can adjust the height of lifting or pushing accurately according to certain procedures, and can be driven directly by electric motor or other power, or manually. It has different structural forms and assembly forms, and the lifting height can be customized according to the user's requirements.

Functional characteristics.

1、Low speed and low frequency: It is mainly used for large loads, low speed and places where frequent operation is not required.

2, screw jack (trapezoidal screw type) economic price, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.

3、It is suitable for low speed and low frequency occasions, the main components are: fine trapezoidal screw and high precision worm gear.

4、Stick to the load: trapezoidal screw has relative locking function (large speed ratio), even without braking equipment can also stick to the load.

Note: In the case of large vibration, shock load, may make the self-locking function failed, then please add braking equipment or with brake motor


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