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SGA (SJA) series worm gear reducer's unique square groove housing, increase the heat dissipation ability of the housing, extend the service life of grease, etc. Ductile iron shell material selection, significantly improve the strength and function of the shell, as well as the widely used in high temperature and low temperature. square tail cover planning of SJA worm gear reducer, control the screw does not rotate. Advanced processing equipment and processing and assembly process are the guarantee of high product quality. Advanced planning concept creates high quality products with strong impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life and small size.

    Modular combination enriches the combination of product changes, SJA screw jacks can be directly with the motor, reducer motor, special function accessories of any combination, integrated planning, to provide customers with thousands of easy to choose.

    SJA screw jacks can be non-standard planning according to customer requirements, such as stainless steel shell and screw screw jacks, multi-head screw, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other products.

    Accessories: dust cover, anti-gap planning, safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake, hand crank, device accessories, etc.

SGA (SJA) series screw screw jacks feature

Pusher speed: up to 75mm/s.

Input speed: 1800rpm.

Travel range: up to 6.5m.

Standard product accuracy up to 0.1mm, with backlash attachment accuracy up to 0.04mm.

Definitely high mechanical synchronization accuracy and smooth operation; strong impact resistance.

Available double-headed screw, triple-headed screw, ball screw screw jacks.

10 minutes working system is 30%.

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