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Trapezoidal screw jacks are suitable for low speed and low frequency occasions. The main structural components are: precision trapezoidal screw vice and high precision worm gear vice. Compact organization, simple operation and easy maintenance. The trapezoidal screw has the function of active determination, even without braking equipment, it can keep the load. Square tail cover planning to control the screw without self-rotation. Advanced processing equipment and processing and assembly process are the guarantee of high product quality. Advanced planning concept creates high quality products with strong impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life and small size.

    Non-standard planning according to customer requirements, such as stainless steel shell and screw screw jacks, multi-head screw, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other products. Complete accessories: dust cover, anti-gap planning, safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake, hand crank, mounting accessories, etc. Modular combination enriches the combination of product change, screw jack can be directly combined with motor/reduction motor/special function accessories at will, integrated planning, to provide customers with thousands of handy selection, specific parameters consult the local office.





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