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SJ(HK) turbine screw jack/SJ screw jack is the main product series of screw jack. Because of the scientific design, the screw screw jack has simple structure, few parts, easy to assemble, and can be used as a single unit or in combination with other lifts; it is often used for lifting channels, adjusting the spacing structure of the rollers of the extension press, closing and opening the door of the high temperature furnace, starting and closing the sluice gate, adjusting the height of the mold of the plastic container blowing machine, adjusting the film thickness of the plastic machine, and lifting heavy objects.

    SJ(HK) turbo screw jack/SJ screw jack has many advantages such as more compact structure, easy installation, small size, various input methods, high reliability, long life, etc. It has various functions such as lifting, landing and driving by shaft parts, reversing, etc. It can be used as a single unit or in combination with more than one unit, which can be driven by electric motor or other driving equipment or manually.

Technical parameters.

1、Structure type: 1 type - the screw for axial movement; 2 type - the screw for rotary movement, the nut for axial movement.

2, device type: A - screw / or nut upward movement; B - screw / or nut downward movement

3, screw head type: 1 type construction type of the screw head: Ⅰ (cylindrical), Ⅱ (flange type), Ⅲ (thread type), Ⅳ (flat head type) 2 type construction type of the screw head: Ⅰ (cylindrical), Ⅲ (thread type)

4, transmission ratio: ordinary speed ratio (P), slow speed ratio (M), can be customized according to user requests in the speed ratio (F)

5、Progressive load capacity: 2.5kN, 5kN, 10kN, 15kN, 20kN, 25kN, 35kN, 50kN, 75kN, 100kN, 120kN

6、The protection of the screw: 1 type structure: basic (no protection), anti-rotation type (F), with protective cover (Z), anti-rotation even shield (FZ) 2 type structure: basic (no protection)

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