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SWL series has many functions such as lifting, descending and pushing with auxiliary parts, flipping and various height and position adjustment. It is widely used in various industries such as machinery, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and sports.

SWL series turbo screw lift has compact structure, small volume, light weight, wide power source, low noise, easy installation, flexible operation, many functions, many supporting forms, high reliability, long service life, etc. SWL screw lift has the functions of raising, lowering, pushing, turning, etc., and can be used as a single unit or in combination. It can adjust the height of raising or pushing accurately according to certain procedures, and can be driven directly by electric motor or other power, or manually. The maximum input speed is 1500r/min, and the maximum raising speed is 2.7m/min.

SWL series turbo screw lifter has different structure type and assembly method, and the raising height is made according to the user's requirement. The device is capable of self-locking. Our SWL series turbo screw jacks have strong overload capacity, energy saving and quality assurance

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