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SWL series worm gear screw lift is a basic lifting component, which conforms to JB/T8809-2010 (former JB/T8809-1998, JB/ZQ4391-86) standard. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, wide power source, low noise, easy installation, flexible use, many functions, many supporting forms, high reliability, long service life, etc..

  The maximum input speed is 1500r/min, and the maximum lifting speed is 2.7m/min. There are different structure types and assembly methods, and the lifting height is manufactured according to the user's requirements. The device can be self-locking.

  The lifter is divided into the following according to the structure type.

  1 type - the screw moves axially.

  Type 2 - screw for rotary movement. The nut on the screw moves axially.

  Assembly type of screw jack

  Each structure type is divided into two assembly types.

  Type A - the screw (or nut) moves upward.

 Type B - the screw (or nut) moves downward.

  3、Screw head type

  Type 1 structure type of the screw

  The head of the screw jack is divided into

  I (cylindrical type), II (flange type), III (thread type), IV (flat head type) four types.

  Type 2 structure type of screw head is divided into: I (cylindrical type) and III (threaded type) two forms.

  4、Transmission ratio

  The lift is divided into two transmission ratios, namely, ordinary (P) and slow (M).

  5、The protection of the screw

  The protection of type 1 lift screw is divided into: basic type, anti-rotation type (F) and type with shield (Z).

  The protection of type 2 elevator screw is divided into: basic type and type with protective cover (Z).

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