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S series gear speed reducer

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1. The combination of helical gear and worm gear has compact structure and high reduction ratio.

2. Installation method: Foot mounting, hollow shaft mounting, flange mounting, torque arm mounting and small flange mounting.

3. Input mode: Motor direct connection, motor belt connection or input shaft connecting flange input.

4. Average efficiency: Reduction ratio of 7.5-69.39 is 77%; 70.43-288 is 62%; S/R combination type is 57%.

5. Greater speed ratio can be reached when it is combined with R series.

Product characteristics:

1. The machine surface relief has heat dissipation, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise and low noise.

2. The machine has good sealing performance. It has strong adaption in work environment.

3. Transmission precision of S series helical gear worm gear reducer is high. It adapts to the occasion having frequent start especially.

4. High wear resistant materials are used for key parts of S series helical gear reducer. Besides, key parts also go through special heat treatment. Thus, it has such characteristics as high machining accuracy, steady transmission, small volume, great bearing capacity and long life.

5. Helical gear reducer can be configured with various motors so as to form electromechanical integration and guarantee product usage quality characteristic completely.

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