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R series gear speed reducer

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Technical parameters of the reducer

Gear range: R basic type 3.33~289.74, RX type 1.3~8.65, R/R combination type reaches 27001

Torque range: R basic type 85~18000 Nm, RX type 20~1680 Nm

Power range: R basic type 0.18~160 kW, RX type 0.18~132 kW

Product characteristics:

1. The reducer with hard tooth surface saves space. It is reliable and durable. Furthermore, it bears high overload capacity. The power can reach 132KW;

2. It is featured by small vibration, low noise and high energy saving;

3. High quality forged steel and rigid cast iron box are selected for R series helical gear reducer with hard tooth surface. The gear surface goes through high frequency heat treatment;

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