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K series gear speed reducer

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1. The gear featured by vertical output, compact structure, large transmitted torque on hard tooth surface and high precision makes sure smooth work, low noise and long service life.

2. Installation method: Foot mounting, hollow shaft mounting, flange mounting, torque arm mounting and small flange mounting.

3. Input mode: Motor direct connection, motor belt connection or input shaft connecting flange input.

4. Output mode: Hollow shaft output or solid shaft output. Average efficiency is 94%.

5. Greater speed ratio can be reached when it is combined with R series.

Product characteristics:

1. It is reliable and durable. Furthermore, it bears high overload capacity. The power can reach over 200KW;

2. Energy consumption is low and the performance is superior. The efficiency of the reducer reaches over 95%.

3. It is featured by small vibration, low noise and high energy saving.

4. High quality forged steel casting box is selected.

5. The reducer of helical gear, bevel gear and conical gear transmission assembly is configured with various motors.

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