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F series gear speed reducer

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The motor of F series helical gear reducer with parallel axis is a novel speed reduction gearing which is composed of Y2 series motor and helical gear. The reducer design is optimized according to ISO international standard. It has remarkable advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, large transmitted torque and high reliability. It can be installed in any position according to advantages. The output shaft can be a single bond solid shaft. It also has shaft-mounted type of the hollow shaft. It can be connected with single bond or the flange. Furthermore, it has multiple attachments. It is widely suitable for various low speed driving mechanical equipment and equipment matching introduced from China. It is the general basic parts of mechanical transmission.

Product characteristics:

1. It is featured by parallel output, compact structure, large transmitted torque, smooth work, low noise and long service life.

2. Installation method: Base mounting, hollow shaft mounting, flange mounting, torque arm mounting and small flange mounting.

3. The direction of rotation of secondary input/output of basic type is the same, the condition of three-stage is opposite; you need to consult during F/R combination.

4. Output mode: Hollow shaft output or solid shaft output.

5. Average efficiency: Secondary is 96%, three-stage is 94%, average efficiency of F series/R series combination is 85%

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