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Precautions for installation and use of parallel shaft helical gear motors

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1, when installing reducer, attention should be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the error should not be greater than the amount of compensation used for the coupling. Good alignment can extend service life and achieve ideal transmission efficiency.

2. When installing the transmission on the output shaft, it is not allowed to strike with the hammer. Usually, the assembly fixture and the inner thread of the shaft end are used to press the transmission parts with the bolts. Otherwise, it may cause the damage of the internal parts of the reducer. It is best not to use steel fixed coupling, because the improper installation of this type of coupling will cause unnecessary loading, resulting in the early damage of the bearing, and even the fracture of the output shaft.

3, the reducer should be firmly installed on the stable foundation or base. The oil in the oil drain tank should be eliminated and the cooling air circulation will be smooth. The foundation is not reliable, it will cause vibration and noise when running, and cause damage to bearings and gears. When the transmission connector has the protruding thing or the gear and sprocket drive, the protective device should be considered, and the reinforced type should be selected when the output shaft bears the larger radial load.

4. According to the required installation device, the staff can conveniently approach the oil standard, ventilation plug and drain plug conveniently. After installation, the accuracy of the installation position should be checked in order, the reliability of each fastening piece should be tightened, and it should be able to flexibly rotate after installation. The reducer is splashed and lubricated by oil sump. Before running, users need to remove the plug of the vent and replace the ventilator. According to the different installation position, and open the oil level plug screw to check the height of the oil level line, from the oil position plug to the oil from the oil level plug spilled until the oil position stopper is unmistakable, the test operation can be carried out, the time should not be less than 2 hours. The operation should be stable, no impact, vibration, noise and oil leakage. Abnormal anomalies should be eliminated in time.

After a certain period of time, the oil level should be checked again to prevent possible leakage from the casing. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the grade of the lubricating oil can be changed.

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