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H/B high-power reducer

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Sound absorption box structure is used for HB standard industry gear box. Besides, advanced gear grinding process is used for large box surface area and large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear. As a result, temperature rise of the whole machine and running reliability is improved and the noise is reduced. Besides, power transmission is increased.

Product characteristics:

1. General design scheme is used for industry gear box so as to realize general box for parallel axis and rectangular axis. Furthermore, the kind of parts is reduced and specification is increased.

2. The gear box has 3~26 specification. Reducing transmission grade includes Grade 1~Grade 4; speed ratio is 1.25~450.

3. Installation method: Base mounting, hollow shaft mounting, swing base mounting and torque arm mounting.

4. Input mode: Motor connecting flange or axis input.

5. Output mode: Solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft connected with distensible plate, hollow shaft connected with spline, solid shaft connected with spline and solid shaft connected with flange.

6. The backstop can be configured according to customer requirement. Greater speed ratio can be reached when it is combined with R and K series.

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